FICAAT – Fábrica Industrial de Caixilhos em Alumínio Anodizado e Termolacado (Industrial Plant of Anodised and Thermo-Lacquered Frames) was set four decades ago and owns wide experience on the sector of aluminium frames. The company has developed technical and technological competences that enable the production with quality and efficiency.
Due to the strong demand and competitiveness of the markets, FICAAT focuses on the implementation of new technologies and working methods, meeting the customers' satisfaction Supported by a team of qualified professionals, from the development and design of the product, to the planning and monitoring of the work, FICAAT has been under a sustained growth throughout the years. FICAAT takes up a notable position within the Portuguese market, having been awarded with some works of reference in other European and African countries.
The goal of FICAAT is to stand as a leader on the sector of aluminium frames, per work and serial production.